Our craft brewers use traditional brewing methods and techniques that can be traced back for many centuries. Read more…


We now have a core range of 5 beers, and also create special one-off brews and seasonal brews. Read more…


Oldershaw Brewery is a family run business in Barkston Heath, just outside Grantham. Read more…


Real beer, hand crafted and matured in its cask or bottle, is a stupendous drink. It offers a huge variety, depth and subtlety of flavour; and is a great drink for many an occasion. Our goal at Oldershaw Brewery is to provide you, be you a publican or punter, a real beer afficionado or someone trying it out for the first time, with a wonderful range of real beers that you will come back to time after time.

Our small team of craft brewers use locally sourced ingredients where they can, and go further afield to find new flavours when they think that the wider world brings something extra to our beers.

In short we are about bringing you real beer that will delight and perhaps surprise you. All that we do, is to brew for you, the very best beer that we can.

We hope you enjoy it.

Oldershaw Brewery.

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