At Oldershaw brewery we understand that our business depends on your business and as a small business we feel the same pressures that you do as you strive to serve your customers and make a profit along the way. Because of this understanding we try to support the pubs, restaurants and hotels that we serve in whatever way we can. This section of our website outlines our service, but if there is something that you think we could do to better serve your business, please tell us. That is what we are here for!

All of our beers can be supplied in firkins, kilderkins or pins.

We supply the following areas, but we try to accommodate one off needs where we can (so if you do run low on beer, give us a call we will help if we can):

  • Grantham / Newark and the surrounding areas (including Lincoln) every week
  • Nottingham – two weekly
  • North Nottinghamshire – two weekly
  • Peterborough and Leicester – four weekly
  • Derbyshire – five weekly
  • Sheffield – five weekly
  • Norfolk – five weekly
  • Bucks – five weekly
  • Cambs – five weekly
  • Hertfordshire – five weekly

Our prices vary depending on the quantity and regularity of the order, if you call us we will be really happy to talk to you about how this works and let you have a price list. Our terms of business for regular trading accounts are 28 days.

We run promotions and events to encourage people into your bar, this includes sponsored quiz nights, Oldershaw Beer promotions in association with particular pubs and we are considering a voucher scheme to encourage the purchase of real ales.

We are happy to support the organisation and running of beer festivals (including sourcing the beer, racking and even the staff).

We also support some of our customers by installing hand pumps and beer lines as they expand their offer to customers.

Do call us if you would like to know more about any of this. We are here for you.

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