If you are reading this, a few words on a brewery website, then it’s fair to say that you either like, or are interested in, beer.

A further assumption might be drawn that as this is on a small, independent brewery’s, website you may even be as passionate about what we do as we are.

And this passion has given us pause for thought as we read all the coverage about Dryanuary and the annual detox that is January. We want to shout out about what we do, about what is great in the craft brewing industry, as part of the New Year / New Start thinking that very naturally occurs at this time of year. So rather than just saying ‘give up beer for a month’ we want to champion another way to enrich your soul and challenge your conventions.

TRYANUARY: a pledge to TRY something new, something local, something different.

We want to spread the message that January isn’t just about giving something up, it can also be about trying something different to the cheap, the mass produced and the easily available everyday stuff.

Isn’t trying something locally made, that’s fresh and different to your usual fayre, better for your body, your mind and the local economy?

So why not give it a TRY, taste a different beer from a local or small brewery and experience something NEW.

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