We’ve been thinking a lot about our business.  We brew beer, its what we do and we’re pretty obsessive about it.  But we’ve realised that it isn’t actually all about the brewing.  The malt, the hops, the never ending search to make our beer even better is of course important.  But, at the end of the day its the pubs that count.  Great pubs, serving great beer, to great people is what our business is really all about.  Without people in pubs we have no purpose.

There’s loads of bad news about pubs closing. the beer duty escalator putting more pressure on the the price of a pint and the difficulties for local businesses serving local people.  And with this in mind we’ve been working on what we can do to help pubs.  We’ve come up with a few ideas and here is the first: for the next 12 months we have a small adverting space in our local paper and it will be dedicated to our customers.  You tell us of an event you are running, a promotion you have on or just the fact that you are there serving great beer and we’ll do the rest.

Space is limited and we are planning on featuring one pub a month.  So if you are local to us (we’re Grantham based) and we can help get more people into your pub let us know.

Also let us know if you think there are other ways we can help get people into pubs.  This matters.  It matters to us if we want people to drink our beer, it matters to the people working hard to run great local pubs and most importantly of all it matters to the communities which pubs serve.

Support your local!

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