Following on from a series of how to taste and judge beer training days (one particularly challenging:day had us tasting over 30 different beers); several beer and food matching events; numerous beer competitions and a serious amount of ‘homework’ (well that’s what we like to call working our way through what was once a well stocked beer cupboard), last week saw the sommelier assessment at the Beer Academy.

This involved a quizzing on different beer styles, food matching challenges and blind tasting a range of beers from lagers, through stouts to IPAs and fruit beer. Not to mention a taste test to identify various beer faults.

And we are very proud to say that we passed. It was a great experience and has really widened our beer horizons.

Well its a tough job but someone has to do it!

If you are interested in becoming a beer sommelier or just finding out more about beer tasting courses, you can find the Beer Academy details here

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