I’m feeling somewhat ambivalent about this post. I for one, get somewhat annoyed by shops putting up Christmas decorations on the first of November and the Christmas music starting when it hardly feels as if Autumn is over. In short I’m definitely in the ‘but it isn’t even December’ camp as we are seemingly pushed into starting the ramp up to this best of festivals ever earlier.

And yet……we brewed our Christmas beer for the first time in October (we have to to allow time to bottle it and for it to be in good condition by Christmas). We are taking orders for Christmas parties and reminded our customers to order early if they could as last year we ended up having to disappoint quite a few last minute callers.

Does this mean we just as bad as the rest of them? Well we haven’t put up any decorations and you definitely won’t hear any carols in the brewery. But we do need to get ready for what is one of the busiest times of year.

So for me its ‘bah humbug’ when Boots put up their decs ‘too early’, but if you want to order your Christmas beer give us a call!

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