It is fantastic news that over 100,000 people have signed the e-petition protesting against the beer duty escalator and as a result there is a debate in Parliament next week (1st November).

This is a subject close to our hearts, as this tax is doing real damage to local pubs. We’ve blogged on the details of this in the past (see here if you’d like to read more

Now we have got the Government’s attention we need to make sure we make the most of our slot. Please email your MP NOW and ask them to attend the debate – show them that this matters. You can find your MP’s contact details here

The message is simple:

We know that we live in very hard times and everyone has to help as they can. But the beer duty escalator is doing more harm than good. We are not asking for a cut in the tax, but it must not keep rising above the rate of inflation.

Since 2004 beer duty has risen by 52%

In this time the amount of duty actually paid to the treasury had risen by only 7%

Whilst the amount of beer sold in pubs has fallen by 25%

These figures have been produced by Oxford Economics on behalf of the British Beer & Pub Association. You can find the detail of this here

The Financial Times reported that pubs have been closing at the rate of 16 a week in last half of 2011 ( Other reports cite 52 a week. Whatever the number is it isn’t good.

Beer duty is not a bottomless pit of sin tax, it is something that is damaging an important part of our society and threatening the success story that is the revival of the British brewing industry.

Email your MP. Ask them to attend the debate. Ask them to protect the British pub. Support your local!

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