Grantham Dark 3.6% ABV

Oldershaw's Grantham Dark 3.6%Cyclops notes for Oldershaw's Grantham Dark
A rich russet brown, this ale is a wonderfully smooth and satisfying mild. Well hopped, gently fruity with a solid malt base. Available in April and May only – but certainly worth the wait.


4 Responses to Grantham Dark

  1. Les Perry says:

    Tried this recently at the Green Man here in Long Itchington during the annual beer festival and I’m completely sold on it. Absolutely beautiful. Given that you don’t come across mild too often these days, to find something like Grantham Dark was incredible.

  2. brian says:

    It’s June and I’m enjoying one in the Angel and Royal Grantham. Any chance you can keep them supplied all summer?

    • kathy says:

      Hi Brian, really glad to hear you are enjoying your Grantham Dark! Angel and Royal like to rotate the beers they have from us but they should always have one of ours on!

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