Alchemy: 5.3% ABV

Oldershaw's Alchemy 5.3%

An elegant and refined golden premium beer to appeal to all tastes. Perfectly balanced tropical citrus hops and subtle french toast malts – this remarkably vivid and refreshing ale is fiendishly easy drinking!


5 Responses to Alchemy

  1. Colin Green says:

    Tried some of this in bottle last night – fabulous, easy drinking, fresh and vibrant with clean taste – I will be back for more!

  2. David Poole says:

    Had a pint to finish the night at the King William IV, Sneinton, Nottingham tonight, and very much enjoyed it. Hoping there is some left in the cask for tomorrow evening. I was not the only regular who appreciated it.

  3. Michael Ayres says:

    The perfect balance of sweetness and strength
    My highest recommendation

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