To find out more about each beer click on its pump clip on the Our Beers page. There are tasting notes for some beers based on the Cyclops system; you can also see how often we brew the beer and whether or not it is available in bottles on the Bottled Beer page.

Oldershaw beers on the bar

Cyclops beer tasting notes tell you about the beer style by describing its look, smell and taste using no more than three words for each sense. They also provide a score out of five for how bitter and sweet the beer tastes. Cyclops is an independent trust set up by bodies from the beer industry with the aim of providing objective, easy to understand descriptions for the drinking public.

All of our beers are available for private parties and the trade in pins (36 pints), firkins (72 pints) and kilderkins (144 pints). If you want to know which pubs near you carry our beer, give us a call or drop us an email and we will happily point you in the right direction.

Our bottles can be bought directly from us or from some great local suppliers such as Real Ale Store, Newark, Steep Hill Wines, Lincoln and The Trickling Tap, Grantham.

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