Heavenly Blonde 3.8% ABV

Oldershaw's Heavenly Blonde 3.8%Cyclops notes for Oldershaw's Heavenly BlondeThis pale blonde beer has become a real head turner. Packed with zesty, super-refreshing tropical fruits with a strikingly crisp, dry finish. This is Blonde Volupta’s little sister, and is therefore another top secret recipe. Once again, though, Citra hops are believed to be involved…



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  1. Karl Watts says:

    A few us recently descended on the Lord Harrowby in Grantham after delivering the steam locomotive Mallard there for an exhibition. Eight out of the nine of us (apologies, there was a lager drinker amongst us!) drank Heavenly Blonde, as it transpires, in vast quantities! We all loved it and I, in particular, thought it was one of the best beers on the market. Stunning beer. When will we see it in London?
    K Watts

    • kathy says:

      Hi there – thanks for saying nice things about Heavenly Blonde which is also our best seller! It has been in London from time to time, although now you will mostly find it in Bucks and Herts as well as locally and in the East Midlands. Cheers!

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