Tim & Kathy BrittonKathy and Tim Britton own Oldershaw Brewery. Kathy is the Managing Partner, running the brewery on a day to day basis: brewing, recipe devising, selling beer, handling the office and pretty much anything else that needs doing.

Kathy’s tasting notes: blonde in style, well hopped with floral notes and a citrussy edge to her finish.

Tim provides a spare pair of hands on evenings and weekends, in particular helping out with sales and marketing, budgeting and the accounts.

Tim’s tasting notes: smooth, easy drinking in style, lots of flavour and what he likes to think of as depth, but others rank as an acquired taste!

Together, they are planning the next steps for the brewery: the direction to take the beers, new areas to sell into and expanding capacity.

Colin-Nov2013Colin Church is the main brewer. He has been working as a brewer for nearly 10 years. Singing, drumming and snacking around the brew-house is Colin’s way, brewing is what he loves to do and luckily for all of us, it is what he does at Oldershaw Brewery.

Colin’s tasting notes: a strong stout style, robust character with hints of red in the colouring.

John SeniorJohn Senior, deliveries and cask management. John delivers the beer and, cleans and organises the cask stock. He has run pubs for much of his life (currently he helps his wife run The Lord Harrowby in Grantham) and is very active within the local CAMRA group.

John’s tasting notes: a traditional ale style, well rounded flavours with well judged resinous notes giving him plenty of character.

Gemma HainesGemma Haines, administrative assistant: Gemma helps out in the office and looks after the labelling and packaging of our bottled beer.

Gemma’s tasting notes: a light and sunny style with floral aromas, that you cannot fail but like.

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